Feuilly + comfort


feuilly is mostly the one who gives a lot of comfort in the amis. he’s a very kind hearted man, so of course he would be there for all his friends.

but sometimes, he’s the one who needs comfort. sometimes work gets too much for him and his life gets too stressful and he just gets so tired that he feels like he can’t function anymore. but he doesn’t tell anyone this. he just stays at home by himself curled up in his bed because he doesn’t want to be a burden.

well, he used to spend it by himself until he headed to a meeting in one of these stressed out states. the entire group seeing this, they all called off the meeting and went back to feuilly’s apartment, making sure he was going to be okay and that he got enough rest and comfort.

yes it was a tight fit

but feuilly didn’t mind at all


arrow necklace appreciation


appropriate white culture. dance offbeat at the club. scream at your barista when she doesn’t put enough splenda in your latte. clap at the movie theater when the credits roll. put your child on a leash.

“The prophecy said neither one can live while the other one survives. It means one of us is going to have to kill the other, in the end.” — Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



 Normally calm, and good natured, a Chris rarely snarls or squabbles because there is usually only one in a herd. However, when another Chris invades it’s territory a dance will ensue. With backs firmly pressed together the Chris’s will push and sass one another, baring their fangs in a daring display of dominant behavior.




how much water is too much water

15 water bottles can cause water intoxication and can lead to death

15 water bottles is too much water

Title: Summer Of '69
Artist: Bryan Adams
Played: 488 times


What he says: how do u know when lesbian sex is over???

What he means: I’ve never given a woman an orgasm ever in my life